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A Pandemic Era Micro-Pod

ROOMMATES is an enemies to friends to ??? lockdown story told in the fall of 2020 during the first school semester back at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Written and created by Briggon Snow. Story by Briggon Snow and M.C. Smith. Olly is voiced by Nik Whittemore. Casper is voiced by Briggon Snow.

Show art by Grayson Barber and Carlos Garcia. 

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"A perfect slow burn romance that compels you to launch into the next episode right after you finish the current one. If the mark of a good show is wanting more of it, then this is an amazing show. The voice acting is phenomenal, and the sound editing amazing and you fall in love with these dudes as they do each other." - VaultDweller233

"Absolutely loved this podcast. Through micro episodes, Briggon Snow captures the frustration of living with roommates, the realities of a pandemic and the difficulties of falling in love with your roommate during a pandemic. This fiction podcast is fun, wholesome and a perfect little slice of life." - Snickers16

"I can already tell I’ll be re-listening a lot! The background sounds and voice acting make it so immersive and uplifting. The story is super wholesome and I just smiled the entire time - i’m in love with Olly and Casper!" - Rteixeira93

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